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These Terms of Service shall apply to the Agreement between “WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES” and the “CLIENT” applying for the provision of services by WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES. Read all information’s and instructions carefully before you use or applies the services offered by WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES also it penetrates to your and our rights and obligations for the Web Home 18 Technologies.

The Effective Date of this Agreement is determined to be the first date in which the service was online for use, regardless of whether or not you make use of the service on this or after this date. This Agreement will commence on the Effective Date and continue on a month-to-month basis, where appropriate.

Definitions In this Agreement, the following expressions shall mean:

WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES” References to the WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES in this document are too we, our, us and its employees or agents.

CLIENT” – References to the CLIENT in this document are to you, individual, business, partnership, company or charity obtaining or proposing to obtain goods or services from WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES.

SERVICES” – The SERVICES/Services term referred for services to be provided by WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES to the CLIENT on any letter of confirmation, quotation or other correspondence from WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES to the CLIENT.

MATERIALS” – means any download areas, datasheets, white papers, press releases, FAQs, webcasts, quick reference guides, product information, or other works of any kind that are made available to download from the COMPANY website and said MATERIAL are the proprietary and copyrighted work of WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES and/or its suppliers. The definition of “MATERIAL” does not include the design or layout of the COMPANY website or any other WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES owned, operated, licensed or controlled site.


Use of any other Service, material, software or other is explicit permitted by WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES is prohibited. Right to develop, firm, modify, distribute, sale, copy, use or execute are all reserved to WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES & suppliers.


In order to resolve your technical problem, you must corporate with WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES and give correct information on our request to take action. You may have to accept all applicable license agreement for the software(s), in order to consent to the downloading and use of software on your device.

In connection with obtaining services, you agree that you will:

Account, Security & Password: In order to submit plan order, complete the registration process by providing us authentic, correct and accurate information. You are allowed to choose user name and password; you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your own account.
All activates done in your account, for that you will be solely responsible and will not blame for any change in account to WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES. WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES will not be responsible for any sort of loss or unauthorized activity that you incur as a result of someone else using account, either with or without your knowledge.

Software(s)/Data Backup: You understand and agree that under no circumstance WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES will be responsible for any loss or software corrupted or any other kind of data belonging to you on the device being serviced or any external device connected to it in anyway, while performing the Services for you. To avoid any such situation WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES suggests you to maintain backup and disaster recovery plan.


As a part of service, WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES suggest you to procure, use and install third party software. You will get Third Party Software either by owner or by licensors. You must have to accept the Terms & Conditions set by Third Party Software Owner or licensor before installing. To the extent, we provide technical support or assistance for Third Party Software, you must ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions under which you licensed such Third-Party Software or purchased such equipment.


We suggest certain Third-Party Service to you, as a part of service. If you choose to subscribe any Third-Party Services, your use of any services is subject to the terms of services of such third-party service provider. Music, training, games, portal support and technical support, include but not limited to Third Party Services. You hereby agree to comply with such provider’s terms of service and that the third-party provider is solely responsible for delivery of its service(s) to you and your use of them, WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES may elect to make available from time to time.

Submission of Orders or Plan Orders; Service Plans

The terms and condition together contain the entire Agreement between WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES & CLIENT relating to the subject matter covered and supersede any previous Agreements, arrangements undertaking or proposals, written or oral between WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES & CLIENT in relation to such matters. No oral explanation or not written information given by any party (WEB HOME18 TECHNOLOGIES or CLIENT) shall alter the interpretation of these Terms of Service.

For accepting the Terms & Condition you must have to agree it, in order to get services, if you won’t agree to the Terms & Condition and choose no submit to order or plan order, then entire agreement between both COMPANY & CLIENT will get cancel consist of these AUP and Privacy Policy.

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