I don't know anything about website how does it work?

A website is a set of related web pages located under a single domain name and is developed by coding and designing. The benefit of having a business website is that even if you have a small business it will gain credibility by having a website. Website saves your money and is the best way of promoting your products and services globally. How does web works? Well in a simplified manner it’s an interaction between client and server. Where client sends a request to server and server responses to client and this is how it works.

I just started my business, do my business really need a website?

Well, a business does not need a website. It’s only you who can determine if your company need a website or not. While making this decision you must consider on various domains like a website is multi-functional and is also a communication tool but not an advertisement. Having your own business website helps in communicating effectively with a broader range of clients or customers. Your customers can directly approach you and frequently ask questions about services.
Web sites are a way more helpful tool for both small and large-scale business. A website is like a giant public bulletin board. And beauty is customers or clients get information about offers, how to find you about your location, unique services and all rolled up new schemes about to launch.

What will be a benefit of website?

Having a business website will never ever be disadvantageous, rather not having one be like your business doesn’t exist. In today’s modern era everybody is on internet for taking and delivering information be it companies or people. Well, when everybody is flourishing on internet with the help of websites, then why can’t you? The following are the advantages of having a website for your business: –

  • Advertising: – Advertising about products and services offered by your company in market become easy. As websites are more environmental and user friendly when it comes to advertisement at market level. Also having an excellent SEO service provider may also boost the ranking of your business site.
  • Less Expensive: – Websites are less expensive in comparison to other promoting modes like radio, TV, print media etc. So, having website will help you in promoting company products and services in less expense. And the beauty is that various offline advertising ways are available on internet, which are sometimes free also.
  • Accessibility: – You must have experienced this that sometimes you have to turn customers away because of closing time? But the best part with business website is that by default it is available for 24X7. Customer or client can visit your website anytime in day or night and this won’t stop popularising your business. If your website is accessible and serve enough then your customers will prefer to collect product and services online only instead of hitting market.
  • Increase Customers: – Websites helps in connecting globally instead of locally contractual synonym only and this helps in generating more customers. And because of its globally connectivity it offers global community, your business will be visible and get popularize around the world.
  • Links: – In today’s scenario networking and linking plays a vital role in market. This technique works like viral in the market. If you have various sites linking to you, then that means you are spreading words about your products and services. The more you be able to link your website, the more popularity you will achieve.
  • Opportunity:- Website increases the chances of grabbing the market at higher level. It gives the opportunity to improve your credibility. With the help of your website you can tell your customers why you deserve their trust through your website. And all this will help you in earning positive feedback about your products and services from your customers and clients. However, your business website also acts as a place for a potential investor to explore what your business is about and what plans it will launch in future.

How much time it will take ?

This is one of the most common questions asked frequently, that how long it take to build a website? Well, on an average it takes time of few weeks. However, the time is always depending on some major factors like a number of people involved in the process, the complexity of the project, scope of work etc. Bigger projects take longer time as compared to the small website as they are more complex. Small or basic business websites and redesigning can be done in some weeks top. But most of the time they won’t come with good content or no content so, that can hold things up.
We always clarify this to our clients that completing a project in less time is possible, but definitely not recommended. We would love to serve you unique and out of box content result instead of just making it normally.

Can I update my website myself ?

Yes, you can update your website as per your convenience. You can do the same even if it is published.

What services do you provide in addition to web design ?

Graphic Design like corporate design (logo and branding), communication design, advertising, web design, product packaging etc.

  • SEO Package (monthly/yearly based packages mentioned)
  • On request addition of features like picture gallery, blog, newsletter and news section
  • Maintenance package (price depend on per hour)
  • Help them post ads in classifieds
  • Create Facebook page and help with FB ads or updates
  • Google AdWords services
  • Webhosting (yearly based renewable packages)
  • Post ads in classifieds and help them to promote on relevant deal websites
  • Addition of newsletter subscription and other submission form (extra charges will be applied)

As mentioned, each service come up with some extra charges depending on type of service required or demanded by client. As all these chargers will be paid by client so, before proposing calculating requirement and its cost on initial node will be beneficial.

What will be the cost of website ?

Cost of a website depends on various factors and complexity of it. More or less it depends on basic and advanced features of the website as well.  And like I said cost varies depending on how much work you want to be done. The few major factors on which website cost depends are a domain name, web hosting, advertising (optional expenditure) and software. There will be renewable charges (Yearly based) depends on time period and domain, web hosting and website maintenance charges.

Will I be the owner of my website?

Yes, you can become the owner of your own website by purchasing domain registration and hosting account. According to your domain hosting services and website panel helps to find your website and identify your organization. Renew your domain name on time else your domain name may eventually be disabled and your customer will not be able to find you. So, whether you want to be an owner of your website or not is what completely depends on you. We offer service by managing your website panel and domain service through mutual understanding.

Will my website design be Search Engine Friendly?

We are good at constructing and modifying search engine friendly websites. We know that it needs to be easily accessible to target audience or customers when they look up for from search engine platform. To make your website SEO friendly we work on each domain like keywords, body content, title tag etc separately. We make sure to follow each fundamental step of making your website SEO friendly. We do have a separate team internally who works in this, Search Engine Optimization area. Ask and we will help you out in selecting packages or services to fit your budget.

Can you provide all over web design and web hosting services?

Not usually- we suggest you purchase a hosting account, where it’s cost will depend on your site requirement. Web hosting is a process where an Internet user needs to type your website address or domain into their browser. The system will connect to your server and your web pages will get appear with the help of a browser.

As we suggested you to own your domain in order to host but if you do not wish to have a domain of your own, we will help you to purchase one. After this, we will configure the hosting account and install your website included in the service at no additional cost.

How many pages can I have on my website?

Depending on the type of your website. In case of a static website, the pages are defined and can get fixed as per the requirement of website tabs. However, the dynamic websites are way more different from static websites. Dynamic website depends on modules and tabs.

Can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

Yes, of course, you can check how many visitors have visited your website through Google Analytics. It helps in monitoring visitors traffic to your website which again helpful in managing products and services. This best part is that it gives you access to information such as how many people visited or viewed your website for the first time. The keyword they used for searching website, what link they clicked on and how long they stayed before leaving, through which keyword they found you.

Is there any training provided for the use of a CMS such as WordPress?

You won’t find this benefit from most of the designing & developing companies but we do offer Content Management System training to our clients and customers. If we talk about what is CMS then it’s very easy to use and do have explanatory notes included where necessary. In our training, we will help you to learn how to manage and use your website as an administrator and content editor.

I want to update my own old website, can you help me ?

Yes, like we understand that all websites need some type of basic maintenance. Depending on the type of website you own, learning about its designing and traffic on we can determine how much maintenance is required.

In case of only updating, again we check what all tabs and specific things are there which are need to be get updated for getting the best result. We do help in both the case in consulting as well as compiling your entire task.

Do I need to pay again and again for your services?

Well, it depends on what sort of help or maintenance you are looking for your website. We understand the need for customers or clients before proceeding. We also understand that change is inevitable, so we guide you through the very initial stage of development. But once we have done with any particular stage going back takes addition hours and efforts. However, we don’t charge for minute changes but for all additional services on website followed by renewable services like domain, web hosting, SEO services etc charges are applicable.

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